AKA Thailand has always been a clean haven to train in

At AKA Thailand we believe that cleanliness is next to godliness. Our gym has always been a haven for people who want to work in a clean training environment. While the world right now is trying to nip the Coronavirus in the bud, the steps that they are taking to do that, AKA Thailand does every day.

Our outdoor Muay Thai training area and equipment is cleaned three times daily. We pride ourselves on not having staph or other viral breakouts at the gym. Guest satisfaction is paramount, so we want visitors to enjoy their training with no worries about any sort of contaminated environment.

Our BJJ and MMA programs run inside of a room equipped with NASA-inspired LUNA air purifiers, and the mats, gear, walls, and all other pieces of equipment are fully sanitized three times a day.

We created a clean training environment for our guests and will continue to do so.