Mike Swick surprises AKA Thailand guests with beach getaway

When AKA Thailand guests came to workout last weekend they had no idea that Mike Swick had a surprise. He had planned a secret beach getaway for them that would blow their minds. He nailed it, as the out-of-the-gym adventure had all of the bells and whistles. Being that the world is dealing with this […]


Our Airdyne circuit training is still the best physical workout at AKA Thailand

When it comes to physical fitness at AKA Thailand, we have you covered with all of our offered programs. However, our Airdyne circuit training is the crown jewel when trying to get insane cardio. Dillon Croushorn takes everyone through the entire training regimen. When guests are done with the workout, usually it’s Dillon that hears […]


Heba Ali is bringing ‘Hybrid Training’ to AKA Thailand on 3.14.20

Heba Ali is making her way out to AKA Thailand to teach her ‘Hybrid Training’ seminar. She’s bringing a wealth of knowledge with her, as she is a world renowned fitness trainer. View this post on Instagram A post shared by AKA Thailand (@akathailand) on Mar 7, 2020 at 6:37am PST On March 14, 2020 […]


Heba Ali is coming to AKA Thailand next month for a fitness training seminar

Fitness training is unique to whoever is teaching it. Our friend, Heba Ali, is a fitness trainer and she too has training regimens that are her own. Luckily for us, Heba is coming to AKA Thailand next month to teach one of these seminars for our guests. Heba travels around and has online classes for […]

Heba Ali will be coming to AKA Thailand to teach her intense fitness seminar

Renowned fitness trainer, Heba Ali, has been to AKA Thailand before but this time she is coming to do a fitness seminar. We have guests come to the gym all of the time to teach classes but usually it is fight related. Heba comes to us as an all-star fitness trainer with incredible credentials. We […]


AKA Thailand S&C coach Mark Mariani demonstrates the Spinal Wave

Coach Mark Mariani is the Strength and Conditioning coach at AKA Thailand. He came on board and joined the team very recently and is already making an impact with his unique body movement exercises. His most recent demonstration is the ‘Spinal Wave’ and it’s purpose is to massage one’s own spine. Coach Mariani has devised […]


AKA Thailand offers training in multiple disciplines and fitness

It’s the multiple disciplines that AKA Thailand offers that makes us such a special gym. Our supergym offers Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ, fitness, and yoga; Perfect for anyone that want any kind of workout. Muay Thai Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport and deeply embedded in the history and culture of the country. Originally created […]


Get to know AKA Thailand S&C coach, Mark Mariani.

At AKA Thailand, we want you to get to know the trainers even before you get to the gym. Our latest coach who has been added to the AKA Thailand family is Strength and Conditioning coach, Mark Mariani. Coach is here at AKA Thailand to spread his wealth of knowledge to guests and teach them […]


AKA Thailand S&C coach, Mark Mariani, demonstrates the Pop-Up Flow

AKA Thailand is lucky to have strength and conditioning coach, Mark Mariani, on board. Coach Mariani brings a different element to the gym than just combat sports. Sure, AKA Thailand is a fight gym but it’s also a gym that is focused on fitness. This is where Coach Mariani comes in! In the past, AKA […]

What to Expect at AKA Thailand's Muay Thai Class

What to Expect at AKA Thailand’s Muay Thai Class

One of the most common questions we get from new students is what can they expect from our Muay Thai classes. Hard training is the obvious answer, but our coaches are all highly experienced, professional and friendly too. They will guide you through our daily program under the leadership of Head Trainer, Kru Lamsongkram Chuwattana, […]