Everything that you could want from a combat sports gym, we have!

At AKA Thailand we like to think that we have everything that even the most finicky of guests would want. Mike Swick left no stone unturned when he thought up the concept of AKA Thailand and the gym delivers it all. Management, cleanliness, trainers, programs, and food; All hit the mark! Our trainers for all […]


The BJJ/MMA room at AKA Thailand is a revelation

Bluntly put, The AKA Thailand MMA/BJJ room is a revelation. It stands alone as being one of the most unique and forward thinking facilities in Southeast Asia. In fact, the room is the largest air-conditioned BJJ/MMA room in all of Southeast Asia. An air conditioned room is one of the biggest luxuries that you can […]


Jon Jones wants to be better and Daniel Cormier is his example

Daniel Cormier is known to lead by example. He’s shown to be a shining example of how to carry yourself both inside and outside of the cage. He has inspired millions but no one would have ever thought that one of those people would be Jon Jones. According to Damon Martin at MMAFighting.com Jones spoke […]


5 Green Circles on Trip Advisor Means AKA Thailand is Rated 5 Stars by Guests

If you peruse the TripAdvisor.com website and look up AKA Thailand you will see that we are rated 5-stars by the green circles that are filled in. Guests have spoken and they are extremely pleased with what we have to offer. Once again, we emphasize customer service here and this includes both training and management. […]


Check out Tyron Woodley’s private pad hitting session on the beach with Mike Swick

A private pad hitting session on a beautiful beach is any AKA Thailand guest’s dream. Tyron Woodley doing it with Mike Swick on a private beach is even more impressive than that. Normally on weekends, AKA Thailand trainers take guests to the beach and do our famous beach workouts. However, when you are someone with […]


Embrace the Grind. Mike Swick Demonstrates how to Punish an Opponent on his back

If you watch AKA fighters you know that they have a unique ability of being able to hold their opponent down on their back. This isn’t just because they have heavy hips and lay on their opponents. The techniques taught at AKA have become a universal way of knowing how to take your opponent down […]


AKA Thailand’s MMA/BJJ room defies guest expectations

Guest expectation of our facilities are always high but our MMA/BJJ room is above and beyond what people expect. Our resort style gym is 5-star and the room is a big part of why. The room is the largest air-conditioned BJJ/MMA room in all of Southeast Asia. We’re not sure if you are aware, but […]


AKA Thailand trainers teach confidence through combat sports

The general idea for learning a combat sport is usually for fitness and confidence purposes. Whether it is for children or adults, learning a discipline helps immensely in all aspects of life. The common misconception is that AKA Thailand is just a gym for professional fighters and that no amateurs are allowed. Obviously, this isn’t […]


AKA Thailand is a gym for any and everybody who comes to visit

Everyone that comes to visit AKA Thailand is welcome. Even though this is a blanket statement, it is 100% true. Even the beginners that walk through our doors will get the same treatment as a UFC champion would. Mike Swick created a gym where advanced fighters can train alongside day one beginners. It’s formatted so […]

Thailand is in the name but it doesn’t mean that AKA Thailand is only a Muay Thai gym

Just because Thailand is in the name it doesn’t mean that AKA Thailand is only a Muay Thai gym. Our gym is a multi-faceted place where fitness and other combat sport disciplines are taught and fitness goals can be achieved. We have a bunch of programs out here that are beneficial to everybody that is […]