Mike Swick extends an AKA Thailand invite to Sergio and Anthony Pettis

It’s not every day that AKA Thailand owner/founder, Mike Swick, extends an invite to just anyone. Swick had both Sergio and Anthony Pettis on his Real Quick with Mike Swick Podcast and told the brothers that they needed to make their way out to Phuket for some training and personal attention. View this post on […]


AKA Thailand has a tentative reopening date of June 15

Tentative reopening date at AKA Thailand is set! Mike Swick has announced that we are looking at reopening in a month on June 15. Of course, nothing is for certain in this day and age but we are excited at the potential of being open to the public. Signs are pointing in the right direction […]


Episode 8 of ‘In Quarantine With…’ The Gunslinger, John Wayne Parr

In episode #8 of the ‘In Quarantine With…’ series from The Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast, Swick hosts Muay Thai kickboxing legend, The Gunslinger, John Wayne Parr. Parr has an unmatched vigor for talking about his experiences and it all comes out in this incredible interview with Mike Swick. From our YouTube: “10x World […]


Actor JJ Soria joins Mike Swick on The Real Quick Podcast

In episode 7 of the Real Quick with Mike Swick Podcast, actor JJ Soria joins the show. JJ and Mike discuss the current state of things and a lot of stuff from JJ’s acting career. Most notably, JJ talks about his famous State Farm commercial with a buffalo. From our YouTube: “Talented actor, and friend […]


From the horse’s mouth. Mike Swick says group training is 30% off for a limited time.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, AKA Thailand owner and founder, Mike Swick, says that group training is 30% off for a limited time. This is a screaming deal, as your future time at AKA Thailand could cost only 1/3 of the regular price. Everyone is sick of this worldwide pandemic and they are especially sick […]


Weather surrounding AKA Thailand should not influence if you come out to train or not

If you are coming to train at AKA Thailand pay no mind to the weather in the surrounding area. If you are just coming to train and don’t see your trip as a “vacation”, any time of the year is good to visit here. Our gym is an experience and weather doesn’t affect it. November […]


The weekend beach workout is often the favorite part of visiting AKA Thailand for guests

If you ask anyone who participates in the AKA Thailand weekend beach workouts, many will tell you that it is their favorite part of training here.  Most of the time, people who visit AKA Thailand can be found on the mats, either training BJJ or Muay Thai. In the case of beach training,  our Muay […]


Mike Swick may own AKA Thailand but he is more than accessible for guests

A lot of brand owners/founders like to sit and count their money like Scrooge McDuck in the corner. This is not the case with the more than accessible AKA Thailand founder, Mike Swick. Swick makes himself available to guests at every level. He answers all the questions posed to him online and shakes every hand […]

Tyron Woodley and Mike Swick have a private pad hitting session

During Tyron Woodley’s stay at AKA Thailand he is getting ready for his UFC fight in March. Mike Swick and Tyron took their workout to the beach and had themselves a private pad hitting session. Normally on the weekends the trainers at AKA Thailand take guests to the beach and do our famous beach workouts. […]


The online presence of AKA Thailand’s social media

The social media of AKA Thailand has a very strong online presence. We want potential and former guests to see what we have going on all of the time. AKA Thailand is always trying to keep everyone involved with our goings-on because we want to be a ‘community’. We have compiled a list of how […]