AKA Facilities Overview

At AKA Thailand, our goal is to provide the most professional, clean, spacious and scenic training facilities for our guests. Much care and attention to detail has gone into the construction of the gym to ensure the quality of our facilities match the unparalleled standard of Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ and Strength & Conditioning training we offer. Not only is our gym the largest of its kind in Thailand, but it is one of the cleanest too. We have a full team of cleaners that thoroughly sanitize every training facility and its equipment after each session.

Muay Thai Facility
Muay Thai Facility

Muay Thai Facilities

Our Muay Thai program is housed inside a 6,000 square foot (560 square meter) open air training building. The 8 meter high roofing provides amazing views of the surrounding jungle and mountain scape, and with our higher elevation, it welcomes a constant cool ocean breeze throughout the day that minimizes the normal impact of Thailand’s heat and humidity during training. The building is also equipped with a state-of-the-art, motorized shade system that can completely enclose the facility for privacy or in case of rain.

We have 2 super-sized 7.2 x 7.2 meter Muay Thai rings as well as heavy bags and pull-up bars that line around the whole building. The entire open training area is covered with 20mm thick floor matting to protect the soles of your feet from uncomfortable chafing, tears or cuts.

Our high definition CCTV system has cameras throughout this training area and will soon broadcast exclusive training and VIP sessions live on our website./p>

MMA/BJJ Facility

Our BJJ and MMA programs run inside of our 5,000sf (460sm) main training building. The facility is air-conditioned and has over 3,000 sf (280 sm) of Dollamur Flexi-roll training mats, and the walls are lined with Dollamur pro wall pads on all training sides. There is plenty of space on our surrounding tile flooring to store your training bags, water and gear.

Fitness Building & Weight Room Facility

Fitness Building & Weight Room Facility

We have a story, 3,000sf (280sm) facility houses our weight room and fighter conditioning area.

On the bottom floor we have a fully equipped, commercial grade, weight and cardio room with Life Fitness treadmills and ellipticals. For weights, we carry Cybex and Hammer Strength equipment, and also stock a variety of dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls. We have everything you need to suit your workout.

The second floor of the fitness building is our fighter training and AKA Airdyne area. This is where all the pro fighters will be working hard late into the evenings doing the same world renowned Airdyne routine that has been a staple of AKA’s fighter training since the beginning. If you have watched any UFC countdown shows with AKA fighters, you have seen them doing this workout, and now you can try it yourself. This area will also hold some of the smaller specialty classes such as Yoga in the future.

Showroom & Pro Shop

Our showroom and pro shop is fully equipped with everything you will need for your training sessions. We have a full line of custom AKA-Booster fight gear and carry other brands as well. If you want to save space in your luggage you can purchase gloves, hand wraps, shin guards, head gear, groin protectors, tank tops, t-shirts, Muay Thai shorts, MMA shorts and more, directly from us.

We also carry a full range of supplements from Muscle Pharm, including protein powder, pre and post-workout supplements, electrolyte packets, vitamins, amino acids and more.

AKA Thailand Showroom & Pro Shop
Contender Cafe

Contender Cafe & Restaurant

Our new onsite sports grill, Contender Cafe, is now open and serving delicious and healthy food daily. With International and Thai cuisine to satisfy your hunger, we have you covered. Also serving all types of fruit and protein shakes as well as coconut water and fresh fruit juices. Ask about our new fruit infused coconut water!

Contender Cafe also has a full size pool table and other gaming to get your mind of training for a bit. We are also showing all live fights and sporting events so you will always have a place to stay entertained.


We have public bathrooms at the back of the camp, both for men and women. Our restrooms are spacious, clean and maintained by our staff throughout the day. If you need to change clothes or shower before or after a session, the restrooms are open to all students and guests of the gym.