How do I become a sponsored fighter

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  • 4th March, 2017
  • Posted by: AKA Thailand

At AKA Thailand we cater to active and aspiring fighters from all over the world, providing them with top tier training and services to ensure they receive dedicated attention and minimal stress while preparing for competitions. Our fight team competes around the globe in MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ, K-1, Boxing, Sambo and more. Preparing for a fight with us means that you will have access to all of our facilities and resources: from coaching, conditioning, nutrition and weight cutting advice, to booking fights, flight and visa services. You will also have access to our customer service desk where our staff will help with anything else that you require. Your main responsibility is to fight, and we will do the rest! Our programs are designed to ensure that every aspect of your game has been tried and tested before you step into the ring or cage.

How do I become a sponsored fighter?

New fighters with varying levels of experience walk through our doors everyday, and while we would love to give everyone a chance, we have to be realistic regarding the potential and longevity of each individual we sponsor. Space on our fight team is limited and therefore only available to serious, experienced and dedicated students.

Fighter Probation
Fighters wishing to join our MMA or Muay Thai team are required to undergo a 3 month probation period while training with us. You will be required to pay and train for the duration of your probation, and in that time (sometimes sooner than 3 months) if our coaches feel you are an asset to the team, you will be offered a discount on training, or a full sponsorship through your respective program. All fighters that receive a sponsorship through the gym are then required to pay 10% of their fight purse to AKA Thailand, or 20% if you are fully managed by Mike Swick and his coaching and management staff.

Our sponsored fighters train under the guidance of Mike Swick, Marcio “Gracinha” Cesar, Lamsongkram Chuwattana and Dillon Croushorn. When in fight camp you will have their full, undivided attention. They will review video footage of you and your opponents to create an effective strategy ensuring that you enter the ring or cage fully prepared, with nothing overlooked. While sponsored fighters train in the regular pro MMA class, these additions to the program are only offered to our contracted athletes unless otherwise agreed upon.

Some exceptions may apply for more experienced candidates. For more information, email info@AKAThailand.com.