Former Mcgregor opponent, Joe Duffy, is realistic about Conor vs Khabib

  • 13th March, 2018
  • Posted by: AKA Thailand

There is nothing wrong with being realistic if you are still respectful. Joe Duffy manages to do that when talking about Conor McGregor possibly fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov. Duffy is the first person to choke out McGregor and he is Irish. This makes him the perfect candidate to answer questions by TMZ, regarding McGregor. Seriously, that guy must be so sick of it.

Regardless, he gives his honest opinion about a possible showdown between Khabib vs Conor and insists that Conor does NOT want that fight.

“I’d be surprised if it happened. That is my first initial thought. Obviously, it’s a big risk for Conor, that fight. I don’t see Conor stopping Khabib’s takedowns. If Conor was going to take a fight, it’d be something he can gain from where he has nothing to lose.”

I agree with Duffy here, in the sense that Conor is looking for the greatest reward, with the least amount of risk. That’s not saying he’d take easy fights, rather, he’ll take a fight where he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. The risk is way too great in fighting Khabib (i.e. Tarnishing his lightweight legacy and losing his title).

Taking another money fight like GSP, Woodley or either Diaz Brother would be his smartest (most prosperous) move. Joe Duffy seems to think the same thing.