Never tell Dana White that a sword is only for show and not for sale.

  • 14th February, 2018
  • Posted by: AKA Thailand

If Dana White walks into the Pawn Stars store looking to buy a samurai sword… Dana will be walking out of the shop with a samurai sword. It’s really that simple.

Mike Swick had Dana on his Podcast a few months ago and Dana showed Swick his new samurai armor from the 1500’s that he had just purchased. Dana revealed that he is making a weapons room in his house and he went to Pawn Stars to stick with the theme he had going.

Rick instructs the loveable Chumlee, “Do not screw my sword up. I’m just going to put it on display”. No problem. Right?

Dana White walks in and hears that it isn’t for sale, so now he has to have it. Not only does he buy the one that wasn’t for sale, but he buys a bunch of other ones, too.

Rick’s son, Corey, tells him that the sword is gone and that it was sold for $30,000. Rick doesn’t care because he really wanted it and asks if the customer is still in the store to ‘un-sell’ it. Corey hilariously says, “Yeah. Why don’t you go tell him he can’t buy it”.

Rick sees Dana and sheepishly takes the L… Dana all but laughs in Rick’s face, then buys another sword.