Ronda Rousey appears on Ellen again. This time as a WWE superstar

  • 14th March, 2018
  • Posted by: AKA Thailand

No longer an active UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey made her way on to the Ellen show today for the first time as a WWE superstar. Ronda opened up about what is going on in her life at the moment and her fighting days seem to be a thing of the past.

When talking about how happy she was doing the WWE thing, Ellen asked if Ronda saw a future that involved the UFC.

“I don’t know. I think it’s about just as likely as me going back to another Olympics for judo. No one demanded a written resignation from me for judo and I don’t really think the same thing is necessary for fighting. I’m doing what I enjoy and WWE is what I’m enjoying right now.”

It is nice to see Rousey happy and smiling again. The pressure is off of her in regards to competing and now her only job is to entertain.

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