Thai language

Useful Thai Language Phrases

  • 2nd March, 2017
  • Posted by: AKA Thailand

Whenever you travel to a foreign country you should learn basic words and phrases, not only for your own convenience but to show locals that you respect their culture and want to communicate as effectively as possible. Here in the Land of Smiles, even being able to use a few common words and phrases goes a long way when shopping, eating or chatting with locals. Thai people love to share their culture and will gladly correct or teach you the local language if you ask.

One of the biggest components of the Thai language is the use of krap (for men) and kha (for women). You will find that krap and kha are used at the end of almost every sentence; these particles are used to display politeness when speaking with others. Generally, in conversation, you may use them for the first few minutes, then it is perfectly polite to drop them for convenience. However, when speaking with Thai officials such as immigration staff or police officers, it is commonplace to continue using them at the end of most of your sentences to show politeness and respect. Don’t worry about this too much though – once you get out and about in Phuket you will quickly pick up on these cues through regular interactions.

Here are some quick phrases that will help you around the gym and local area. Write them down in a handbook or on your phone, and update your list as you learn more. Most of all, don’t be afraid to practice the language with locals, and especially with our Thai staff here at AKA Thailand. They will correct your pronunciation and maybe even teach you a few new things!

Phrases Numbers 
HelloSawatdee (krap/kha)1
Thank youKob khun (krap/kha)2Song
NoMai chai4See
How are you?Sabai dee mai? or Sabai dee ru? (krap/kha)5Haa
Fine / I am fineSabai dee (krap/kha)6Hok
Never mind / No problem Mai pen rai7Jet
Do you understand?Kow jai mai?8Paed
I don't understandMai kow jai9Gow
I can't speak Thai Pood Thai mai dai10Sip
How much?Nee tao rai?11Sip-et
Toilet (if you need a restroom) Hong naam12Sip-song
IceNaam kang20Yee-sip