Salim Mukhidinov

salim mukhidinov
MMA Fighter
145lbs / 66kgs
  • Strong athletic abilities
  • Good takedowns
  • Combat Sambo experience

Born and raised in Tajikistan, Salim moved to Moscow, Russia when he turned 14 in search of better opportunities to help support his Mother and family. There he was thrust into the work force as a laborer and pushed to mature at a very young age. Salim faced many adversities growing up, all of which helped mold him into the strong and disciplined person that he is today.

At 19 Salim was introduced to Mixed Martial Arts through friends at a local gym. As his natural athletic abilities took to the sport, he began fighting in multiple disciplines within his first three months of training. With an amateur record of 6-2, combat sambo record of 9-1 and 4 fights on Hip Show (2 vs 2 fighting), his confidence grew and he decided definitively that he wanted to make a career of competing professionally.

Salim came to AKA Thailand in 2014, at only 20 years old, to train with Mike Swick and the AKA team. He has been focusing heavily on catching his technique up to his experience level, putting hours in the MMA program and competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai fights on the island of Phuket.