AKA Thailand BJJ instructor, Silvio Braga, shows ‘Spin No Arm Triangle’

The head BJJ instructor at AKA Thailand is Professor Silvio Braga and he has a wealth of knowledge about his craft. We love to share what is being taught here at the gym and Braga shows off his skills in another instructional video. This time, Braga lets us see how to perform the ‘Spin No […]

For a limited time, AKA Thailand is offering 30% off of all group training

It is a tough time out there for everybody and AKA Thailand is well aware of that. So, for a limited time we are offering 30% off of all pre-paid group training programs. AKA Thailand WILL re-open and we WILL be better than ever. Being that this is such a difficult time for everyone we […]


Grab a friend and let Marcio Cesar show you some BJJ basics to work on at home

In this time of uncertainty we are all confined to our home. So, grab a friend and watch AKA Thailand head BJJ trainer, Marcio Cesar Gracinha, show some BJJ basics. Keep getting your rolling in while we are on lockdown! Pass Guard for Mount Marcio shows how to pass someone’s guard and get the most […]


All of our programs that are available at AKA Thailand

When you are coming to AKA Thailand, knowing the programs that are available here gives you a leg up before you even make the visit! Just because we are in Thailand it is assumed that we are just a Muay Thai gym. However, Muay Thai is only a part of our curriculum which is focused […]


Take the full tour of AKA Thailand with Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki

Before you come out to AKA Thailand, Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki give a detailed cyber walkthrough of the gym so guests can see exactly what they are getting when they come here. We get to meet the management team at the gym who do more than just run the club. Visa issues, car trouble, […]


Our BJJ/MMA room at AKA Thailand is top notch!

Our indoor air-conditioned MMA/BJJ room is a huge piece of the puzzle that makes AKA Thailand such a success. When guests review our gym, the room is always the first thing that grapplers say is top notch. The largest air-conditioned MMA/BJJ room in all of Southeast Asia is a huge draw for guests. Many gyms […]


Pick up some tips with Marcio Cesar Gracinha as he demonstrates commonly used BJJ techniques

Third degree BJJ black belt, Marcio Cesar Gracinha, has taught thousands of AKA Thailand guests his techniques. Now, Professor Marcio demonstrates some basic BJJ for you to get some tips from. Of course, BJJ isn’t ‘basic’ in any way. However, there are levels to the discipline and Marcio shows some of the more entry level […]


Marcio Cesar Gracinha is a 3rd degree black belt and seasoned MMA pro

Marcio Cesar Gracinha is the man in charge of the MMA/BJJ program at AKA Thailand. Being a 3rd degree BJJ black belt and a seasoned MMA pro are his credentials that make him a perfect fit for the job. Coach Marcio began training BJJ 20 years ago. He fell in love with it instantly and […]


Mike Swick shows how to be a nightmare from a dominant position

The AKA way is embracing the grind and that means smashing someone from a dominant position. The technique of holding an opponent down and pounding away has become a staple of AKA and we’ve seen it from many fighters such as Khabib Nurmagomedov, Cain Velasquez, and Daniel Cormier. AKA Thailand founder and longtime American Kickboxing […]


Everything that you could want from a combat sports gym, we have!

At AKA Thailand we like to think that we have everything that even the most finicky of guests would want. Mike Swick left no stone unturned when he thought up the concept of AKA Thailand and the gym delivers it all. Management, cleanliness, trainers, programs, and food; All hit the mark! Our trainers for all […]