• 17th January, 2018
  • Posted by: AKA Thailand

Mike and Marc are back with episode 15 of the ‘Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast’. The bossman, Dana White, just left Thailand and the guys go over some of the things that they did while hosting Dana on his vacation. Of course, they discuss Dana meeting Tuptim, the girl whose life Dana saved eight […]

  • 16th January, 2018
  • Posted by: AKA Thailand

There are way too many square jawlines at AKA. They are supposed to be fighters with busted noses and ugly scars. However, Josh Thomson, Luke Rockhold, and now, Mike Swick, say otherwise. Now, Esquire Magazine has come calling. You people must understand that any chance we writers at AKAThailand.com get a chance to take a […]

  • 13th January, 2018
  • Posted by: AKA Thailand

Guess what I’ll never do? Hop into a snake pit and go face to face with a Cobra. You would think after being attacked by a monkey and dealing with snakes once before, Mike Swick would learn his damn lesson. Nope. I’m shaking my head as I type this and thinking, “Maybe that’s why I […]

  • 5th January, 2018
  • Posted by: AKA Thailand

When Dana White is the guy that gives your gym a ringing endorsement, it’s safe to say you made it. As we have been reporting here on MikeSwick.com, Dana White and his family are at AKA Thailand, taking it all in. Now, the boss makes an appearance and he seemed quite impressed with what Swick […]

  • 27th December, 2017
  • Posted by: AKA Thailand

When you are an icon in Russia and the whole nation has your back, life isn’t too bad. When everyone at AKA in San Jose is behind you as well, you must feel invincible. So, it’s no surprise that his extended family thinks he will dismantle Edson Barboza this Saturday at UFC 219. This video […]

Getting 1% better, each session with Airdyne training.
  • 29th November, 2016
  • Posted by: AKA Thailand

Getting 1% better, each session with Airdyne training. Getting 1% better, each session with Airdyne training. It’s the way our professional AKA Thailand fighters manage to last a 5-round cage fight, preparing their bodies for war through this intense training. Today’s class saw several savages gearing up for a dance under those lights, including Amir […]

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