Mike Swick talks to the Karate Hottie in Ep 2 of the RQMS Quarantine Interviews

The Quarantine Interviews with Mike Swick continue! Episode #2 features The Karate Hottie, Michelle Waterson. Michelle gives a long interview with Swick and is joined by her husband, Joshua Gomez, for the duration. From our YouTube channel, “UFC strawweight contender Michelle Waterson and her husband, former US Armed Forces amateur boxing champion Joshua Gomez chat […]


From the horse’s mouth. Mike Swick says group training is 30% off for a limited time.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, AKA Thailand owner and founder, Mike Swick, says that group training is 30% off for a limited time. This is a screaming deal, as your future time at AKA Thailand could cost only 1/3 of the regular price. Everyone is sick of this worldwide pandemic and they are especially sick […]


RQMS Podcast is back! First episode in Quarantine Series: Tyron Woodley.

The Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast is back! While the world is on lockdown, Mike Swick decided to get back to his show and interviewing the fight world’s best. From our YouTube: “UFC welterweight contender, Tyron Woodley, headlines the first episode of our new Quarantine series. Mike and Tyron discuss UFC 249, training in […]


Breaking!!! AKA Thailand’s Manel Kape signs 4-fight deal with the UFC

AKA Thailand’s own, Manel Kape, is headed to the UFC. Kape signed a 4-fight deal at AKA Thailand headquarters that will see the feared bantamweight joining the talent-rich roster of the UFC. Manel Kape (15-4) spent his last 9 fights in the Japan-based RIZIN promotion. He capped off his run there on a 3-fight KO/TKO […]


Mike Swick talks about using your TIME wisely and positively

If there is one thing that AKA Thailand founder/owner Mike Swick is, it’s positive. During our government-imposed hiatus, Swick has been chatting online with fans and leaving messages of positivity out there. He has clearly showed his passion for people and the human spirit. His message today is about time and how to embrace it […]

A message from AKA Thailand founder/CEO Mike Swick

A message from AKA Thailand founder/CEO Mike Swick about the current state of the gym: “With the growing spread of COVID_19(Coronavirus) around the world, I have made the decision to support the slowing of this pandemic by closing all classes at @AKAThailand to the public. We could institute fever guns, more hand sanitizer and demand […]


While the world is on lockdown, Mike Swick still makes himself available to people

Mike Swick created AKA Thailand and it is his baby. He loves his baby and shows it by making himself present and available for guests. In fact, he not only is available in person at the gym but online to answer questions as well. Just yesterday while we are all being told what we can […]


Mike Swick says to not panic, be safe, and come enjoy AKA Thailand

By no means is our founder, Mike Swick, the foremost authority on global pandemics. However, he seems to be one of the more sensible people by urging you to just be safe, be smart, and continue to enjoy life. People seem to be getting so caught up in the potential dangers of the Corona Virus […]


See what some of the world’s best have to say about AKA Thailand

With a luxury resort style gym like AKA Thailand you know that some very high profile people will have a lot to say about it. Some of the world’s best martial artists and biggest stars have visited us here and give glowing reviews about what our gym has to offer. “AKA Thailand has been amazing, […]


Mike Swick goes over the triangle choke setup for MMA

Mike Swick demonstrates the setup for a triangle choke in MMA. It’s very different than straight BJJ for the most obvious reasons; Defending punches. Swick shows how to get the triangle started when you are on your back while trying not to take damage. Attempting a triangle during an MMA fight can be both dangerous […]