You know him from TUF 1, but Mike Swick is the AKA Thailand founder

Mike Swick had a gameplan that he came up with for his post UFC career. It was making the most guest-friendly gym in Thailand with all of the bells and whistles. After he starred in TUF 1 and made a career in the UFC, Swick followed his passion and created AKA Thailand. He followed what […]


Mike Swick demonstrates how to get em down and keep em down

Mike Swick is the founder and CEO of AKA Thailand. However, he is also a UFC pioneer who is an AKA staple. AKA prides itself on their fighters’ grinding style and most fighters there train to ’embrace the grind’. Daniel Cormier, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Cain Velasquez; All take people down and keep them down. Mike Swick […]

Take to the sky with Mike Swick and his 3 drones looking at AKA Thailand

Take to the sky with Mike Swick and his 3 drones looking at AKA Thailand

When Mike Swick isn’t running AKA Thailand, getting attacked by monkeys, or going into cobra pits; He has other hobbies that are a little safer and relaxing. Swick and his buddies got together and took their drones out and sent them into the sky for some sick AKA Thailand pics. All 3 drones get launched […]


Take a stroll through AKA Thailand with Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki

Take a stroll through AKA Thailand with owner, Mike Swick, and Director of Operations, Marc Bogutzki. The guys go room to room describing what you get when visiting our luxury gym. Mike and Marc check everything off of the list; Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA, basketball, cardio, and management. The guys are passionate about our little […]

AKA Thailand founder, Mike Swick, demonstrates the triangle choke setup

We are out here in the jungle getting workouts on every day. There’s a lot of Muay Thai and BJJ on our mats but when AKA Thailand owner and founder, Mike Swick, gets in the room, everyone begins paying attention. Owner of the Swickatine and developer of Swick-Fu, Mike Swick takes to the mats to […]


Get to know your AKA Thailand staff. We start at the top with Mike Swick

When getting to know the staff at AKA Thailand, it’s imperative that we begin by taking a look all the way at the top. The founder, creator, and head of everything is none other than top UFC veteran, Mike Swick. As amazing of a fighter that Swick was, he always felt that there was something […]


Follow Mike Swick at AKA Thailand, as he gives a tour of our luxury gym

If you are coming to AKA Thailand to train or are coming to Phuket and decide to work out at AKA Thailand, you should take the tour of our supergym to get a feel for what we have to offer. While you can go online and read guest reviews about how we are a 5-star […]


Who better to give the AKA Thailand tour than it’s creator, Mike Swick?

Mike Swick had a vision and made it into a reality. AKA Thailand is his brain child and the gym is wildly successful. Guests that are coming out to use the facilities can go to AKAThailand.com to read about it or right here, you can watch Swick the creator give you the grand tour. Swick […]

Mike Swick offers a ‘back to nature’ workout. It works, just look at him.

Mike Swick takes it back to nature and offers up a workout for anyone. Despite being the founder of one of the world’s premier gyms, sometimes Swick needs to unplug a little more for his workouts. In his Instagram post, he details a very doable workout which can be done almost anywhere. Often times, average […]

*Breaking* Swick reacts to Conor McGregor: “I am fighting again. Period.”

It was just yesterday that Mike Swick broke down the odds of Conor McGregor fighting again. 24 hours later, McGregor took to his Instagram and said, “I am fighting again. Period.” This wasn’t expected to come out today after all that has been going on with Dana saying Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov would be […]