As of yesterday, AKA Thailand is reopened with a total makeover

Life has been tough for us all having to deal with this pandemic and being confined to their homes. Finally, after a 3-month quarantine, AKA Thailand reopened its doors yesterday. The Thai government gave businesses the green light to get back to some sort of semblance of normalcy and allowed us to open up our […]


Episode 8 of ‘In Quarantine With…’ The Gunslinger, John Wayne Parr

In episode #8 of the ‘In Quarantine With…’ series from The Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast, Swick hosts Muay Thai kickboxing legend, The Gunslinger, John Wayne Parr. Parr has an unmatched vigor for talking about his experiences and it all comes out in this incredible interview with Mike Swick. From our YouTube: “10x World […]


Mike Swick says to not panic, be safe, and come enjoy AKA Thailand

By no means is our founder, Mike Swick, the foremost authority on global pandemics. However, he seems to be one of the more sensible people by urging you to just be safe, be smart, and continue to enjoy life. People seem to be getting so caught up in the potential dangers of the Corona Virus […]


The weekend beach workout is often the favorite part of visiting AKA Thailand for guests

If you ask anyone who participates in the AKA Thailand weekend beach workouts, many will tell you that it is their favorite part of training here.  Most of the time, people who visit AKA Thailand can be found on the mats, either training BJJ or Muay Thai. In the case of beach training,  our Muay […]


Beach Training is part of the AKA Thailand curriculum!

AKA Thailand has a curriculum that is designed for our guests and professional fighters. Our programs are in place to meet the needs of whoever walks through the doors of AKA Thailand. A big part of all of this is our very popular beach workouts. When the weekend comes around our Muay Thai trainers like […]


Customer satisfaction is paramount at AKA Thailand

At AKA Thailand, we pride ourself on customer satisfaction. There is a method to everything that we do it here, as long as it ends with our guests feeling ecstatic about their AKA Thailand experience. It’s not just our customer service that makes us a 5-star gym. That is only a part of it. When […]


Go to Phuket as a tourist, come back a trained Muay Thai fighter

Upon further review, the title of this article may be a bit misleading. It almost sounds like you can come to AKA Thailand and become a trained killer after one Muay Thai session. This isn’t what we are saying at all. What we mean is, if you come to Thailand as a tourist wanting to […]


The AKA Thailand beach workout is great for a change of scenery

The scenery is amazing all over Phuket. At AKA Thailand, we pride ourselves on having a gym where people love to come and train. However, it’s nice to switch it up once in a while and get back to nature. Fortunately for our guests, we have the AKA Thailand weekend beach workouts. The beach workouts […]


Pricing for anyone who plans on training at AKA Thailand

For anyone who plans on coming to AKA Thailand, no matter what, you are going to get phenomenal training. Our BJJ, Muay Thai, cardio workouts, yoga, etc are all world class. So, the question is… How much do classes cost? Luckily, we have a breakdown for anything you need at AKA Thailand. Training Drop-Ins Casual […]


‘Amazing’. Incredible’. The best!’ Trip Advisor reviews of AKA Thailand

AKA Thailand is a luxury gym in Phuket that is catered to our guest’s needs. Mike Swick had a vision when he conceptualized the gym and when it came to fruition, AKA Thailand was all that he had dreamed of and more. reviews are 5-stars across the board and reviewers use words like ‘amazing’, […]