AKA Thailand isn’t just a gym for professional fighters, it’s for everyone

Many new guests to AKA Thailand are hesitant because they think that the gym is just for professional fighters. We are here to tell you that this gym is for everyone, at every level.

Being that we are a combat sports gym, it can be intimidating for someone looking to come here for the first time. However, combat sports are a way to achieve your fitness goals when training at AKA Thailand. Our luxury gym was created with a ‘fitness first’ mentality, but through different disciplines.

This means that a day-1 beginner can be on the mats next to Mike Swick or Tyron Woodley. So, not only do guests get work in from our trainers but they also get help by more advanced guests. Everyone chips in here because we want this to feel like a family environment.

If you go on you can see any of our 5-star reviews on there. Many times the reviews are from guests with no combat sports training at all, raving about how they were afraid of not being welcome on the mats. Every time they exclaim how they were pleasantly surprised. We happily welcome all levels and want every guest to feel right at home.