Come to AKA Thailand for both a vacation AND a fitness getaway

We like to look at AKA Thailand as both a fitness getaway and/or a vacation destination. Just as if you came to visit Phuket to take in the Weekend Market or Big Buddha, AKA Thailand is a place to see, even if you didn’t plan on doing any training.

The gym is an incredible place to train but it is also a fascinating sight to behold. It is a luxury resort that usually is above and beyond people’s expectations. The gym is commonly confused for a ‘professional fighters only’ type of gym but we consider ourselves a fitness-first spot.

With a focus on fitness through the usual common workouts or through combat sports, AKA Thailand is geared to people at all levels. This means that any regular Joe can walk through our doors and get real training done. We welcome everyone, which makes us very attractive to both vacationers and destination travellers. AKA Thailand is a must-have experience.