At AKA Thailand we have a variety of disciplines that are taught to promote confidence

Among many things, combat sports are taught to promote confidence. Children are put in a sport to get them feeling better about themselves by overcoming obstacles and succeeding. It’s not just for kids, however. Adults also need something to potentially aid their cause as well.

At AKA Thailand, all of our programs that are offered promote motivation to become a better person. The Martial Arts aren’t just for learning how to ‘kick ass’; This is the Cobra Kai way of thinking… In 2020, learning a combat sport is used for gaining the confidence to be bully proof or to get healthy.

We want all of our guests who come here to have goals for themselves. Through BJJ, MMA, Weights, Cardio, Muay Thai, or Yoga; We want people to reach these goals. For adults, it’s a way to look and feel healthy and boost their confidence. With children, it’s a way to get them to a point where they have limited fears and can flourish into young adults.

We don’t underestimate the fragile nature of the adolescent psyche and want to help in growing a child’s self-belief. If the time comes, they will know how to handle themselves. Also, the levels in learning a discipline provide a way to set attainable goals. This all helps in developing a confident young person.

At AKA Thailand, no one is better than the other. We are a gym designed for everyone. Whether it’s getting in shape or learning to defend one’s self, our trainers are on board to meet your needs.